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PMP® Certification Exam Prep – Virtual Webinar

This instructor-led course includes: 

  • Guaranteed to run on dates listed
  • 100% money-back pass guarantee
  • Lifetime Access to Online Course (Includes 1400+ practice questions by process group or knowledge area AND unlimited exams)
  • 35 PMI® Approved Contact Hours
  • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) 6th Edition (Paperback)
  • Post-class tutoring and application assistance
  • Content that covers the PMBOK® Guide by Process Group rather than Knowledge Area
  • 25 life-like case studies following our PM through a project management journey
  • Nearly 200 MasterPoints that distill and deliver easy to consume “key-points.”
  • Custom EVM method that provides users a simple way to get every EVM question right
  • A full 200 question simulated exam with answers and feedback explaining the answers on last day
  • Valuable Exam Taking Tips and Tricks

We remove the dry, instructional process most people experience in test prep courses that don’t teach you “HOW” to manage projects and focuses solely on passing the exam. By showing you the ART of project management using our proprietary process where we Create real-world scenarios, Adapt out of the box examples, and Think from the student’s perspective, you go beyond the what, and into the why and how of project management, learning in a clear, straightforward, enjoyable way.

By making the information more relevant and retainable, we keep you engaged throughout the process so that you not only pass exams easier, but you manage projects, programs, and teams better. Many can teach but have never managed projects; some have managed projects but don’t know how to teach – Cecilio Mills happens to do both! Cecilio Mills is PMP®, 6Sigma, Agile, and LEED accredited, has 20+ years of Project Management experience, is a credentialed teacher, and has diverse expertise in multiple industries and domains, enabling him to keep the class entertaining and ensure a great learning experience.

Our customers love the real-world examples and the fun, engaging manner with which we conduct our classes. Check out our Yelp! And LinkedIn reviews for more.

The difference between our course and the others is the ability to relate the material to your particular job so you can readily understand, immediately use, and easily retain the information. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, have a 98% passing rate, assist with your application, and provide you with a study plan and all the necessary materials to augment your success.

The PMP® certification is the Gold Standard credential for project managers. PMP® certified Project Managers on average earn over 15% to 25% more than those without the certification. The PMP® certification will help you get the job, keep your job, and earn more money. Besides, many organizations have recognized that adequately trained project managers are fundamental to business success. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, register today for one of our upcoming project management certification courses in person or online.

Creative Adaptive Thinking Provides the Most Comprehensive and Highest Quality PMP® Prep Classroom Training.  Coursework is primarily based on the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition, and focuses on the key topics and areas required for success in the exam.  

We are so confident in our course that we 100% guarantee our students will pass the PMP® exam, or they get their money back! We cover more than just the “what” that typical PMP Boot Camps do. And we have fun doing it!!

Now, the technical jargon about the course…

PMP® Certification Test Prep – Virtual Webinar: Course Overview

The PMP® course is structured to provide students with exactly what they need to pass the PMP® exam. Coursework focuses on the key topics and knowledge areas required for success on the exam. Our study strategy will increase comprehension and retention of key elements, while also providing students with practical information that can be applied immediately to the project work environment. 

Unlike most firms, we have core offerings to assure you will be taken care of on your way to becoming a PMP:

  1. Firm Course Dates: All of our PMP certification training courses are 100% guaranteed to run on the dates listed. 
  2. Full Money-Back Pass Guarantee: We provide a real 100% money-back pass guarantee, with no fine print.  
  3. Training Materials Available Upon Registration: We provide students with lifetime access to our online training portal, which includes recorded lectures, mock exams, a mobile app for studying on the go, and various downloadable study aids. 
  4. Proven Results: We believe our PMP course prepares students better than any other provider, and we have a 99.3% passing rate.
  5. Outstanding Course Materials: We believe our PMP course materials are the most comprehensive and highest quality PMP certification training materials in the industry.


We stand behind our product. Unlike other companies, we provide a real 100% money-back pass guarantee with no fine print. Our promise is simple:

  • You must attend the entire project management certification course and complete three full-length practice exams from our online training portal.
  • If you do not pass the PMP exam YOUR FIRST ATTEMPT, we will refund your entire course tuition, provided that your attempt occurred within 90 calendar days of completing the course.

Who Should Attend PMP Certification Training

This course is intended for individuals who wish to obtain their Project Management Professional (PMP)® or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® credential. Before taking the PMP exam, PMI® requires you to prove you have 3+ years of project management experience and 35 contact hours of project management education. Our PMP certification training course is designed to help you earn your PMP certificate the easy way. However, this course can be taken by anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of project management. 

Course content (Based on PMBOK® Guide – 6th Edition):

The course content covers PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition concepts and includes several topics that are not covered in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition but are regularly asked on the PMP exam are also covered. There is an optimal balance between PMP exam prep and understanding concepts for practical application.

  1. Introduction
    1. About PMI and PMP exam
    2. Exam-Taking Tips
    3. Course Overview
    4. Process Chart
  2. Project Management Framework
    1. What is a project?
    2. Project Stakeholders
    3. Organizational Structure
    4. Product Life Cycle, Project Life Cycle, Project Management Life Cycle
  3. Project Integration Management
    1. Summary of Project Integration
    2. Develop Project Charter
    3. Develop Project Management Plan
    4. Direct and Manage Project Work
    5. Manage Project Knowledge
    6. Monitor and Control Project Work
    7. Perform Integrated Change Control
    8. Close Project or Phase
  4. Project Scope Management
    1. Summary of Project Scope Management
    2. Plan Scope Management
    3. Collect Requirements
    4. Define Scope
    5. Create WBS
    6. Validate Scope
    7. Control Scope
  5. Project Time Management
    1. Summary of Project Time Management
    2. Plan Schedule Management
    3. Define Activities
    4. Sequence Activities
    5. Estimating Activity Durations
    6. Develop Schedule
    7. Control Schedule
  6. Project Cost Management
    1. Summary of Project Cost Management
    2. Plan Cost Management
    3. Estimate Costs
    4. Determine Budget
    5. Control Costs
  7. Project Quality Management
    1. Summary of Project Quality Management
    2. Plan Quality Management
    3. Manage Quality
    4. Control Quality
  8. Project Human Resource Management
    1. Summary of Project Human Resource Management
    2. Plan Resource Management
    3. Estimate Activity Resources
    4. Acquire Resources 
    5. Develop Team
    6. Manage Team
    7. Control Resources
  9. Project Communication Management
    1. Summary of Project Communication Management
    2. Plan Communications Management
    3. Manage Communications
    4. Monitor Communications
  10. Project Risk Management
    1. Summary of Project Risk Management
    2. Plan Risk Management
    3. Identify Risks
    4. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    5. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
    6. Plan Risk Responses
    7. Implement Risk Responses
    8. Monitor Risks
  11. Project Procurement Management
    1. Summary of Project Procurement Management
    2. Plan Procurement Management
    3. Conduct Procurements
    4. Control Procurements
  12. Project Stakeholder Management
    1. Summary of Project Stakeholder Management
    2. Identify Stakeholders
    3. Plan Stakeholder Management
    4. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
    5. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  13. Professional Responsibility
    1. Professional Responsibility
  14. Review & Final Evaluation Test
    1. Structured Concentrated Review of all Chapters
    2. Final Test Questions
    3. End of Course Questions/Next Steps
    4. Formal Concentrated Review of all Chapters
    5. Final Test Questions
    6. End of Course Questions/Next Steps

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9-In Person Weekdays: Mon-Thurs (8:30am to 5:30pm PST) – Nov 16, 17, 18, 19, 9a-In Person Weekends: Sat & Sun (8:30am to 5:30pm PST) – Dec 12, 13 & 19, 20, 9b-In Person Weekdays: Mon-Thurs (8:30am to 5:30pm PST) – Dec 14, 15, 16, 17

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