Must-Have Soft Skills for Agile Project Managers

While traditional Project Managers require a lot of planning, organizing, and managing resources and tasks to complete a project, Agile Project Management is a self-organizing team. Nobody micromanages them. The agile approach is most practical and is capable of delivering projects with evolving changes. Agile Project Managers usually focus more on facilitation and removing roadblocks …

11 Traits of a Successful Technical Project Manager

Aside from the lucrative salary, a Technical Project Manager role is not only for those who are technically advanced but those with excellent people and communication skills. Technical Project Managers are the backbone of every successful company. Typically, days are busy, tedious, but never dull. If you are considering shifting careers or are on your …

7 Steps to Write an Exceptional Project Proposal

A project will not start if it is not approved or funded. Writing an exceptional project proposal is essential to outline the plan that you are trying to achieve. Every project is specific, and you must aim to create a project proposal unique to that project. The outline may always be the same, but it …

6 Tips to Ace Your Project Management Interview

Ever wonder how easy it can be to ace your Project Management Interview? In this article, you will learn six tips to not make it more difficult, and how to apply them to your Project Management interview. 1. Show your authentic and welcoming smile. Your interviewer can determine whether or not you are wearing a …

5 Winning Strategic Planning Techniques in Project Management

Even where there is no collaboration, and people work in silos, someone still needs to own the process of building a strategic plan and utilize techniques to prepare and lead efforts when the organization pursues significant objectives. Project Managers develop and manage a strategic plan and understand project alignment within your organization’s strategy. Strategic planning …

3 Types of Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask for a Project Management Role

When you land a Project Management interview, you have entered the first step of getting that Project Management role you’ve always wanted. Not only are they looking at the years and type of experience you have as a PM, but you must also remember hiring managers will use these three types of questions during the …

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